Over the years, we’ve compiled quite a bit of useful information on how to use Mothers metal polishing tools; the PowerBall Mini, PowerBall II and PowerCone 360:
· To ensure best results and longevity, after each use, wash the polishing tool foam thoroughly with liquid "degreaser formula" dish soap. Rinse well, gently squeezing (do not wring) to expel dirt. Wrap with an absorbent towel and squeeze with hands to remove excess water (again, do not wring). Set in a well-ventilated area to dry thoroughly before storing.
· Use lower speeds and light pressure when approaching sharp edges, valve stems or other obstacles that may catch and tear the polishing fingers.
· Avoid excessive pressure; only moderate pressure is required to allow the fingers to carry the polish across the surface.
· Forcing the polishing tool into areas that are too small can result in damage; if you’re using the PowerBall II, consider the PowerBall Mini or PowerCone 360, or polish those areas by hand.
· Ideal for use with most cordless drills of at least 14.4V at 350 lb/in of torque. The ideal speed for polishing is 300-400 RPM.
· When using equipment with a variable clutch, set it to slip at a torque setting that is strong enough to spin the polishing tool, yet low enough to allow it to slip if it catches an obstacle.
· Never use with spray-on wheel cleaners.
· Always use appropriate automotive metal polish like Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. Do not use metal polishes on painted or clearcoated surfaces.
· When using a soft automotive paste polish like Mag & Aluminum, apply a small amount between the foam fingertips of the polishing tool and mist with water. Alternatively, apply the polish directly on the surface and moisten with a mist of water.