This tip is for anyone who washes vehicles, but is especially for those with darker paint as they can require a fair amount of tender loving care to prevent those annoying paint defects or swirl-like marks commonly referred to as "spiderwebbing."

The process is very simple and straight forward. Take two buckets, fill one with quality automotive car wash and water, then fill the other with clean, clear water. Take your wash mitt, soak it in the car wash bucket, and wash a section of your car. Before you dunk your wash mitt back in the car wash, rinse it thoroughly in the clear water bucket. This will help remove dirt and contaminants that can cause swirls, scratches and spiderwebbing.

Once the washing process is complete, rinsing with a gentle stream, working side-to-side from the top-down will help the water sheet down the surface and leave less behind for drying.

Dry from the top-down, using lay-and-pull method to only allow the weight of the towel "drag" along the surface. If you do have to wipe with pressure, such as on the sides of the vehicle, fold the towel appropriately and use as little pressure as possible. With a darker cars -– because they show those spiderwebbing marks more than lighter colors -– lay the towel across the surface and “pat dry” with your hands, never moving the towel except by lifting to the next section.