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    As In the last few days I have noticed that there are some pics in the gallery that have nothing to do with car care witch is ok but some of them seem odd, There is one here That is clearly a sig that he is using on another forum. Then there is this one that is making fun of people!?! I will admit I have posted a pic in the gallery and posted the pic on the forum and also on another forum(yes it works) but in a few days I took the pic down to save on web space. For the most part I think all the pics are staying in the gallery or on the forum but it looks as if some are abusing the system for there own Pic hosting for the net. I am not saying that I have not dont the same a few times because my web site is down. Also I see that This posted in the gallery is the same thing as what Scottwax had posted, So I think that it has to be taken down also.

    Any thoughts?

    Bill 97 Camaro SS #1422

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    I zap these things as I see them. Here was my response to Scottwax:


    If my flyer was deleted, then why hasn`t DP-Jedi`s brochure? I only put it

    in the gallery because others in the professional detailers forum had asked

    to see it. Others have posted business cards and brochures. Why the seeming

    inconsistancy? It isn`t like I am trying to drum up business for myself on

    Autopia, it is an enthusiast`s board and I doubt anyone is coming there

    looking for a detailer. They go to Autopia because they want to learn or to

    share their experiences doing their own detailing.

    I don`t link my business website in my signature like you requested, but I

    really don`t understand the problem with the flyer, especially since others

    on the board wanted to see it. If I host it on my own site, can I submit a

    link in the thread? Please let me know.

    Thank-you for your time,


    Hi Scott,

    I think I did remove DP-Jedi`s brochure. The pictures of your brochures are a violation of the no-spam rule. I know you guys are not trying to drum up biz, but if I allow anyone to post a business related pic, I have to allow everyone to do it. If you guys want to talk about business development in the Pro Detailers forum, and attach your brochures as example to help one another, that`s acceptable. I understand that the pros want to talk about business development and marketing, and want you to have a place to do it. I just don`t want it in the photo gallery. I think that`s reasonable.





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