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    Water Tanks for Everyday Car...?

    I`ve been searching around for a water tank to fit in the trunk of my car and haven`t found much... I`m not certain if I want to do this anyway b/c my car is far from the proper vehicle for mounting a mobile water tank!... But, are there any tanks that would fit my 2004 BMW 330Ci?!...

    I appreciate your comments.

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    Re: Water Tanks for Everyday Car...?

    You`re gonna hate doing that. Why don`t you look into a waterless wash?
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    Re: Water Tanks for Everyday Car...?

    I dont really agree with the idea / application but check out plastic mart. Thats where I got my 45 gal. they have a lot of options (both in volume of water & dimensions)
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    Re: Water Tanks for Everyday Car...?

    You`ll want to take into consideration the weight/towing capacities of your vehicle. A lot of sedans will come close to their maximum rated capacity with a 50 gallon tank. Also take into consideration your suspension/alignment. If you`re going to be hauling around 100s of pounds of water, go get the car a 4 wheel alignment WITH everything you`re going to haul in the vehicle. That way they can align all 4 wheels to the new resting position of the car as the added weight will weigh the car down.



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