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    My new mobile trailer


    My mobile trailer is an easy set up.

    its a 5x8 Carry-On

    I operate a low pressure on demand electric pump (less water use and runs off my generator), If I need more pressure I simply connect the pump up to my higher volume gas pressure washer and away I go.

    The trailer has everything I need. I built shelving on the one side to hold my bottles, I added a small drawer cabinet to hold towels and other stuff. I did use pegboard but be aware that you need to have it reinforced because pegs can and will rip out even if secured with zip ties. I have my generator, cords including cord reel, canopy, and milk crates for my in use chemicals. I also have a small platform (stored in the top of the trailer). If needed I just toss in a bigger ladder and any extras I may need. The cabinet in the front is used for extra supplies. I am pretty handy with a saw so I made my own racks out of wood and simply painted them black.

    I did have the outside lettered and that was a worthy expense since I have received a lot of calls from people seeing me on the road.

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    Re: My new mobile trailer

    Joe, no need for duplicate posts, particularly when you’re resurrecting a thread that’s last post was 10 years ago. One thread will suffice.
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