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    Re: Detailer Wanted!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TroyScherer View Post
    I think I am around 1hr away. Once the weather clears a little I would happy to come and help out.

    My polishing might not be perfect but I`ll try. There are a couple other guys up North as well. I will need to look and see if I can find their info.
    Sorry Troy. You are one of the most caring and helpful people on this board. Well respected and always willing to lend a hand and years of experience.

    So if the polishing isn`t perfect, I doubt that there are more than a handful of people could do it better.

    Just my .02
    Formerly the "Best Detailer", now just Super Wax Waster Man. Not necessarily tactful, but normally right. It`s good to be da King !!!
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    Re: Detailer Wanted!!

    Hey man, you are about an hour away from me, I`d be happy to bring some tools and lend a hand. I do this part time, not a full time gig but I have a website, ShineByDesignDetailing - Home if you want to check out some of my work. I just visited here today on a whim, I usually hang at AG. Let me know if you want a hand!

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    Re: Detailer Wanted!!

    Thanks for the replies guys! Ill get in touch and well see what we can do


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