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    Well I am buying my first home and it is time to get rid of some things to make living more comfortable.

    This trailer is only a little over a year old and is loaded with detailing equipment, I did not skimp on anything in here, everything is quality, top notch

    equipment. 6x10 USCargo enclosed trailer, perfect shape just a little dirty. Trailer model year is 2009. I will not part this out, I am selling this whole thing as a rolling, ready to go mobile detail setup.

    I am asking $6000 for EVERYTHING you see here together.


    Mytee HP60 Extractor, great condition, only one issue and that is a 58$ pressure relief valve that cracked, part number: B-124,

    the extractor works flawless, only has a few hours of use on it the valve cracked due to me not properly winterizing the extractor.

    Briggs&Stratton Prosumer 3400PSI MAX gas pressure washer, Works flawless has only a few hours on it as well, no issues. Siphons water from the 100 Gallon

    tank that is in the trailer with no problem, doesnt miss a beat.

    Briggs&Stratton 5000 Watt Generator, once again works flawless, only a few hours run time

    100 Gallon Water tank with sump at bottom of tank connected to brass full flow shutoff valve, which is then attached to garden hose to adapt easily to pressure washer.

    1000Watt Worklights with stand, I believe that the stand goes up to 6` high

    Husky 6 gallon Compressor, 1.5HP 135 Max PSI

    Ridgid 11Gallon Wet/Dry Vac has two drawers for nozzles and a hose, I want to say its 6hp.

    RubberMaid two shelf rolling utility cart

    Grit Guard Pad Washer system, works fantastic, cleans pads in seconds

    PC 7424, has aqua carpet brush on it now, I also have a white carpet brush for it too

    Dewalt 849 with WIDE variety of pads:

    CCS 8.5" 1-White, 1-Orange, 2-Yellow, 2-Gray, 1-Blue

    I have 5.5" CCS Pads also, I believe 2 of each: white, orange, yellow, gray

    And I believe one of each: white, orange, yellow, gray in the spotbuff 4" pads as well

    Several Sponge LSP applicators

    Tons of MF towels: Polishing towels, interior, glass, waffle weave drying towels, etc

    2 Detailers tool bags

    Air-gun Spray applicator for Opti-Bond

    Megs Wheel Brush set

    A few different Buckets with lids

    2 grit guards

    One rolling bucket stand

    Garden sprayer for Traffic Lane cleaner

    Autogeek Foam Cannon - the one for a pressure washer, works awesome covers cars in foam. I also have about 1/2 a gallon of DP Xtreme foam soap


    I have the following in gallon containers, a couple I have multiples of

    Optimum Car wax

    Optimum No rinse Wash and shine

    Megs Hyper Wash

    Megs Super Degreaser -I know I have a couple of these

    Megs APC -have a couple of these too

    Megs APC+

    Poorboys Waterless Wash

    DP wheel cleaner

    Megs D151 Paint reconditioning cream

    Megs Wheel Brightener

    Megs Glass Cleaner

    Megs Body Solvent

    Megs Odor Eliminator

    DP Interior Protectant

    DP Interior Cleaner

    Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel

    Optimum Quick Detailer & Gloss Enhancer

    Pro-Chem Traffic lane cleaner

    Pro-Chem All fiber rinse

    Citrus Solv

    Prochem Yellow-RX

    The Following are in spray bottles or squeeze bottles:

    Paint Ink grease remover


    Coffee and Tannin Spotter

    Red Relief - 2 part spray bottle, mixes 50/50 while you spray

    64oz. Megs #7 Show car Glaze

    10 oz. Klasse AIO

    Megs #105


    303 Vinyl Convertible top kit -NEVER USED

    303 Fabric top kit - NEVER USED

    2 extra bottles of 303 convertible top cleaner NEVER USED

    Optimum Polish

    Optimum Polish II

    Optimum Compound

    Optimum Hyper Compound

    2 bottles of opti-seal hardly used

    16 oz Pinnacle Paintwork cleansing lotion

    Stoners Tarminator- several cans

    Stoners More Shine Less time - a few cans



    Poorboys Nattys blue - 1.5 cans

    DP MAXWAX basically full

    Pinnacle XMT wax

    Dodo Juice Straight 8 kit, only 2 waxes were hardly used, rest are new

    Wolfgang Fuzion - never used on a whole car, just a test panel

    I know there is some stuff I am missing in this listing, I have a ton of stuff and it will ALL come with the trailer.

    Pics are Here
    -David Carroll

    Perfect Shine Auto Detail

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    David, where exactly are you located?
    DJ Mayo

    Paint Correction Specialist

    Northern, Va

    Detailed Image Mid-Atlantic Featured Detailer

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    I am in hughesville, MD. Which is about 30 minutes from DC.
    -David Carroll

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    Any interest in this? I may be flexible on price, I just want to move this thing.
    -David Carroll

    Perfect Shine Auto Detail

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    Nice to see a local! I live in California, MD! Would you be willing to part with some of your supplies? Email me at!
    Reflections Detailing = :up

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    Please call me anytime. We are in the market from N.C. Cash buyers





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