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    Marketing pro or DIY?

    What do you guys use for graphic design? For your website, logo, social media graphics. Thinking whether to seek the services of a professional. I have no idea how much it would cost. Or should I do it myself with something like

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    Re: Marketing pro or DIY?

    I used fiver for mine (im a weekend warrior though not a full time shop)

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    Re: Marketing pro or DIY?

    I’m in graphic design. But if I had to hire something out real quickly, I’d probably do fiver.

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    Re: Marketing pro or DIY?

    I started with Wordpress but didn’t like how often it was attacked so eventually switched to Shopify. Definitely more expensive but I don’t have to worry about attacks or updating software anymore so it is worth it to me. I did buy a template from a Shopify template maker and think I paid them to make a few desired changes but haven’t had to worry about it since. Wordpress required more constant maintenance and monitoring.

    I have used Fiverr for small stuff and it was a mediocre experience. I wanted an animation video so I hired someone through Upwork and that went really well but I only did that one item.
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    Re: Marketing pro or DIY?

    Did pretty much everything myself. My logo was just an idea I had in my head and roughly sketched out with pencil/paper. I had my sister fine tune it and draw it up in adobe illustrator since she has more experience with the program (probably could of figured it out myself but just didnt want to).

    My website is mostly my doing as well. I use wix and started with a template I liked and modified it to my liking. Their site designer is easy to use and understand. I also have some experience with photoshop so that helps a ton when you need to make stuff fit correctly.
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