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    Questions about flyers and ads

    Hello fellow detailers! My start-up business in the mobile world is starting to push forward. I`m not the most savviest person on Excel or Docs but I do have an idea on how things work. My trouble is finding a baseline on how to design or create my "menu" or flyer. I`ve made a super cheesy flyer this summer so that I can keep my nephew occupied instead of playing XBOX or playing on his phone. For what it looked like, I spent all night on it for something so simple. Now that I have my own business to take care of, I would like to have a professional look to it. I have saved a plethora of various auto detailers price packages, menus and brochures to give me ideas on how to do it, but designing it seems to be too much for me.

    My questions are...
    o How did you guys get your advertising out to public? Did you personally create them? Was it from scratch or did you use an online template? Or did you hire someone to do it?
    o How long did it take for you to come up with your own logo?
    o Should I concentrate more on social media than going door to door and hanging flyers around door knobs?

    TIA for any input!

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    Re: Questions about flyers and ads

    RedLeg827- Welcome to Autopia!

    Not even close to actually answering your Qs, but under some circumstances I could be a customer for the right Detailer so, from that side of the fence:

    I`d be careful about the "flyer on doorknob" approach depending on the neighborhood. Somebody doing that at *our* house would be, uhm...out of line...and sure wouldn`t get any business from us. I`m sure you know better than to stick a flyer under a wiper/etc. on somebody`s vehicle too Some of us are just, well...touchy about such stuff.

    Logos...heh heh, it took 512Detail a while to come up with what he finally went with! He did a good job of soliciting opinions from different demographics and thus sidestepped the chance of Confirmation Bias. The best people to target might be *very* different from you, and it can be tricky to know what`ll appeal/not to such folks.

    And heh heh, speaking of "different", I can`t help at all regarding Social Media, though I have heard of it..
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    Re: Questions about flyers and ads

    Tell me again, how much experience you have with which machines, pads, products, and how many vehicles have you Detailed, in years ?
    We need to get a baseline, so we can better help you find your "Target Clients"..
    Dan F



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