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    Advice how to get out dried on pollen/sun spots out of paint.

    Hey all,
    I was out of the country for five months and unfortunately didn’t have any structure to park my car under. During these five months the sun baked on pollen and other things onto 2016 Mazda CX-5. It’s not horrible but definitely is very hard to get out.
    Any suggestions how to get these out? My neighbor has a buffer I can use.

    Here is a photo

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    Re: Advice how to get out dried on pollen/sun spots out of paint.

    I would do a chemical decontamination, use TRIX, it may help with removing the pollen. Then wash with a stripping type wash. Then clay it and see what you have left to deal with.

    Some of this right before you wash might be helpful. I’m sure some others that deal with pollen may have some better ideas.

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    Re: Advice how to get out dried on pollen/sun spots out of paint.

    baze92- Welcome to Autopia!

    Sorry to hear what happened, that must`ve been a bummer to come home to.

    I second the recommendation to start with Chemical Decontamination. SOMEBODY here oughta know what`s best on Pollen...I typically use the ValuGard ABC system but dunno whether it`d be the best choice in this case (the FK version that I`m confident would work is no longer available).

    The clearcoat on Mazdas is *INCREDIBLY* thin, so I sure wouldn`t try to polish/buff/abrade the problem away. I`d even take it easy after the Chemicals do their thing on the pollen as trying to get out any residual etching could very well precipitate clearcoat failure if you take off a (very) few microns too much.



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