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    Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by Accumulator View Post
    I do you figure? I was actually thinking the opposite!

    IMO, since the specific job will dictate the product/pad/polisher, only the paint and the desired outcome are controlling. Then it`s up to the Detailer to be able to determine and apply the appropriate technique for whatever`s called for, using the right stuff.

    Don`t mean to be contentious, just finding our apparently different takes on this to be an interesting discussion
    Don’t sweat it, challenging perspectives is healthy.

    Putting it another way, the paint, compound, pads and conditions have far more influence over the result than we do as the detailer. We only have the ability to maximise the potential of the result based on the circumstances and chosen tools.

    To address your point specifically; each compound and pad has its sweet spot and overall limitations that are pre determined by design. No detailer is getting more out of a product than is intended, they’re simply making a better decision when selecting tools and product with respect to the conditions and paintwork.

    There are no artists in detailing, only craftsmen (and women).

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    Re: What am I doing wrong?

    wristymanchego- I sure agree about "no artists, only craftsmen"!

    As for the product/Detailer..we might just be on opposite sides of the fence, at least with regard to some minor points. E.g., you can tweak some products and go off-label with regard to how they`re used with sometimes great results (e.g., adding water/oil to M105 to increase the work time/aggression).

    But yeah, I also agree that the potential end-result is fixed, there`s only so much anybody can do in a positive direction (though, heh heh, there are many ways to have it go the other way ).


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