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    Re: Some thoughts on GG BOSS 21

    Yeah it is designed in usa but made in China. Im not saying its bad machine. What i am saying that its not fair to compare 15 to 21, alteast with Rupes, 21 has quite bit more torque. And many people think Boss etc. 900W is compareable to Rupes 500W and thats not the case.

    Hopefully Rupes Mk3 will come soon and with samekind trigger as mille and brushless motor.
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    Re: Some thoughts on GG BOSS 21

    All I can say is Rupes doesn’t warranty anything if you don’t follow the instructions to the letter. Not even a cord. Heaven forbid you put Kevin’s washer on it! Griot’s give a lifetime warranty and gives you washers if you want to use them. Had a 15 and a 21 for almost 3 years usd 6 days a week and haven’t even needed to change the brushes yet.
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    Re: Some thoughts on GG BOSS 21

    In my opinion neither Griots or Rupes needs any more power. As they are now running them on max will delaminate your pads if you aren’t very careful. Considering just a few years ago we were using PCs or rotaries to get the job done. I never used the washer mod on the original Rupes and there is no way I would use it now. I do have the backing plate from Kamekazee (sp) just for the smoothness and love it and I also love my Rupes tools! I’ve got the MKII tools but I still use my old Rupes legacy models and get great results.
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