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    Menz 3500

    Help out the new guy please. Weekend hack; 7424 & rupes knock-off. 3, 5 & 6" LC foam pad sets.
    Bought 2011 Belize blue accord coupe, 100k, swirl factory w/some kind of lg etched spot on hood.
    105 orange; 205 white; 2x Coll.845. Yellow, orange & white on hood. Was bad.
    Turned out stunning for 10 yr old weekend hack job.
    Used Menz twins on my black vette, turned out nice. Menz fan.

    Im scared of the thin clear coat (no i dont have thickness guage) on Hondas, and dont need further correction, RIDS 5 footers & not worth the risk.
    But I wanna play & try fusion, Dodo, something else for fun.
    So 3500 is fine.
    LC foam white pad? Black?
    Or just pour a stiffie, shut-up, and admire my reflections?
    Not set up to post pics yet but will be.

    Thanks for the voice of experience and your time. Mark

    3500 ordered already.
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