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    Ive used Blitz and Show Off with excellent results and was wondering about their other products?? Has anyone tried Omega Glaze or Special Touch??

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    I love Blitz, Show-Off is ok(especially for the price/gal), Special touch is great. Omega Glaze on the other hand is not one of my favs. Don`t get me wrong, it works great, but from what i`ve dealt with as far as Glazes are concerned, they`re all a P.I.T.A. If you try the Omega Glaze do exactly as the label says. Most glazes and polishes say to remove them before they completely dry, but OG says to let dry for 10 - 15min before buffing off - do it, any sooner and it seems to do nothing but smear. However, when used in conjunction as a 3 step process with Special Touch and Blitz, the results are GREAT! (Special Touch, Omega Glaze, then Blitz)

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    The only products to touch Jerry Seinfeld`s

    collection and the Royal`s machines I`ve heard.

    They have been around since 1933 so that must

    say something.

    Also John and Rick Hermann are genuine men.

    OG Exterior Rubber & Vinyl is excellent on tires

    and trim does not leak like Lexol does after a rain.

    Wash & Wax is an excellent wash with a slick feel

    and wax enhancing properties.

    Show Off test- Take a bunch of QD`s and apply

    them to your home windows and tell me which has

    the smoothess feel.

    Watersprite - great synthetic chamois which bounces

    back to original shape like that metal they found over

    at area 51. LOL. Take 90% of water off with watersprite

    then finish off with nice Fieldcest.

    This is just a sample. I feel all OG products are first class.


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    Question 303 Aerospace Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner VS 303 Spot Remover Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner???

    Wondering... What`s the difference between these two products? Is Spot Remover simply a specified dilution of Aerospace Cleaner? If not -- If these are actually completely independent products -- which is more effective on automotive carpets and upholsteries?




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