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    Re: ONR as an interior detailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    I used to use woolite based on Scott`s tips. It was also in some Lexus manuals IIRC.
    I want to say GM also recommended it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    Also, take my Autopia card away, but I`ve washed cars with Mr Clean. Works great on greasy engine bays.
    We`re past that, aren`t we? Taking people`s Autopia cards away? Whatever you want to wash with is ok with me. Of course I may only be saying that because I never got my Autopia card in the first place. I do have my Flavor of the Month trophy.
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    Re: ONR as an interior detailer

    Don`t laugh, but as long as we are talking using household cleaners for detailing, I`ve used Tide Powder Laundry Soap as a car wash soap. Great on dirt, rinsed well, but man, is it hard on the hands. Chap city.
    When I was much younger (in the late `60`s, early `70`s), powder car wash soap was more common. But then so was tri-sodium phosphate (TSP).
    By the way,Woolite is a good coated leather cleaner in pinch, but I would prefer a dedicated automotive leather cleaner.
    Back to ONR as an interior cleaner, quick-detailer...
    GB detailer


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