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    Did Leatherique change its formula?

    Did Leatherique change its formula to Prestine Clean and the Leather Rejuvenator?
    My last two bottles were purchased about 10 years ago and after running low I ordered two new bottles from the Leatherique website. After receiving the product I immediately noticed that the Leather Rejuvenator is a different color and it smells like harsh chemicals instead of the strong smell of leather. It also has white stuff floating in the bottle. The pic was taken after shaking the bottle for 5 minutes. The Prestine Clean also has a very strong horrible smell of chemicals.
    Has anyone recently purchased these products? Did I receive a bad batch? Or was the formula changed? I have always loved the results of the Leatherique system and the smell of the leather after using these products but I`m afraid to use these two bottles on my leather.

    Thanks for the help
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    Re: Did Leatherique change its formula?

    I would ask that distributor/reseller if there is a production date with the products sold to you. Sometimes they are stamped/printed on the bottom of the bottles. I say that because I bought some Klasse All-In-One in 2019 from the Autopia Store and the production date stamped on the container was 2013. It was OK, but it makes you wonder how old is old before chemicals undergo "changes" and make them less effective or even destructive because they may become more potent or "changed" chemically.

    To me it sounds like you`ve purchased old stock that has undergone some chemical changes due to the age of the product OR maybe its storage in a non-climate controlled area during its shelf inventory and due to large variations in the ambient temps of that storage area during its inventory stock life, it has affected the chemical nature both products. Or maybe during shipment they got frozen during the recent Polar Vortex somewhere along the line and that caused the change. I do not really know; I am just surmising an educated hypothesis.
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    Re: Did Leatherique change its formula?

    Is there a shelf life on leatherique? I bought a kit maybe a year or two ago. It`s just been sitting in my house, I haven`t taken the time to go and use it because it`d require me leaving my car out of the garage overnight.

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    Re: Did Leatherique change its formula?

    Just FWIW, mine sat around here for years...and I don`t mean just three or four...until I sent it to a fellow Autopian, who said it worked just fine.
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