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    Re: Looking for interior cleaning

    Quote Originally Posted by Accumulator View Post
    If the brush on your LMG is a problem, I`d just buy a replacement and tear its brush off. Or buy a different Crevice Tool that doesn`t have one and figure out an adapter to use it on either the LGM or the Shop Vac. I like the older Bissell Crevice Tools (forget the exact pn#, I find `em cheap on ebay) better than any others and use one of those on my Extractor as well as on my other wet/dry vacs.
    If you go to Amazon and type in 14259, it`s the part number for the LGM. It show the part of the crevice tool with the brush.

    So far I only used the LGM for household spot cleaning. So far, I`m impressed, works better than I thought it would for a small extractor.

    Hope its better than any GoldClass stuff I`ve ever tried
    Thanks, Now I regret buying it. J/K

    I could use it for lightly dirty interior.

    Do you know if the Gold Class leather & vinyl cleaner is the same as D181 leather cleaner?

    I oughta remember but I don`t Let me run out to the shop and, [snap] it doesn`t say and I`d have to dig up the paperwork. It`s made by Century 400, big pricey thing that I got about 20 years ago. Requires two (or better yet three) 15a circuits for the suction/spray pumps and the heater.
    I Google the info. That`s a big machine. It look like a professional house rug extractor.

    I hate to lug that machine around to clean car carpets.

    I don`t do that for fear the weaker dilution won`t do the job. Yes, the rinsing can take a while, but FWIW I hardly *ever* fire up the Ninja/Century as the smaller (and much more convenient) Bissell/Hoover units usually do the job just fine (if a bit slower).
    With the LGM I usually do 3 to 4 passes with just water for rinsing. Then a few passes with no water, just to vacuum up the water.

    It`s a little time consuming but when I see all the brown water, it`s worth it.

    I bet you can order the stuff from somebody at a cost-effective price. Pro chemicals often work a *LOT* better for problematic jobs, even though the Consumer-level ones are generally OK for most work. I`m just not sure which what you`ll need to go.
    My problem is I don`t know what to get, what brand or anything.

    I got Meguiars Super Degreaser for cleaning hydraulic fluid from blown seals.

    Then I got Meguiars D101 All Purpose Cleaner for interior cleaning on the excavator, backhoe etc.

    I also got Meguiars glass cleaner, car wash soap. The owner of the Construction company has a wholesale account at the parts store that carries Meguiars, 3M,

    Basically I just need a interior cleaner for the trucks, carpet shampoo. I going to try to find a professional carpet cleaning store to see if they sell shampoo, as you mentioned before.

    I have til December to gather the supplies.

    Give it a try, but for Coffee you might need a specialty product. IRRC the ones for coffee are "tannin removers", one of those Pro Chemicals like Protein Stain Removers (for blood) and the stuff made for "red stains" (e.g., wine stains). Or you could use an Odor Eliminator (enzymatic cleaner) from ValuGard, Griot`s, or 3M (or, undoubtedly, others, but those are the ones I`ve used).
    I have carpet shampoo by Bissell with odor eliminator, for pets stains urine, puke so on. I don`t know if this will work on coffee stains.

    The Valugard I going to see if I can find it local. I found Zep carpet extractor shampoo. There not much reviews on the Zep. I don`t know how effective it will be.

    Hey that`s interesting! Maybe I`ve been underestimating what that combo can do.
    If you keep your interior clean then the the 1Z CP may not seem that string of a cleaner. The guinea pig, I mean the test car never had the dash clean or plastic. The Griots interior did hardly nothing, while the 1Z left the cloth all black. Since then all I bought was 1Z cockpit Premium. I just look at the black bottles of Cockpit Premium, it still says 1Z on the label.

    Do you know if 1Z Cockpit Premium has a shelf life?

    OK, I`m realizing your constraints here...the cost, the time..sounds challenging but I bet you`ll be able to do it OK.
    I should be able to get it done. I have all winter to get it finish for Spring, approximately 4 months.

    Hopefully there room in the garage to fit the trucks and equipment, or it`s going to be a long cold winter.

    I use the Gray (or are they supposed to be white?) brushes sold by CycloToolmakers-dot-com and they seem like a good compromise. I wouldn`t use them on leather or low-nap fabrics, but they seem good for everything else. BUT..the thought occurs that I`ve had them for a LONG time and they might`ve gotten more gentle as they wore (they don`t seem more aggressive at least, not like the tips have worn down *too* much).
    Is cloth seats considered as low nap?

    Can these brushes be used on low nap carpets?

    Does the Cyclo`s brushes bristles get bent out of shape easily? Another word are the bristles still going straight up or going in all different directions.

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    Re: Looking for interior cleaning

    Quote Originally Posted by Stokdgs View Post
    They only Look like them, but are not nearly as aggressive as a Scotch Brite Green Sponge.. I buy lots of them at detailed image dot com website, since I can not find them here..
    This is the only place I found them at. I wonder why the sponge are not more widely available.

    These sponges are also great for very dirty hand cleaning and that dark brown side is not so aggressive that it tears your fingers up either, so perhaps that will help you decide if you want to try one or not.. They are very inexpensive for what they do.. I use them for all cleaning in the house too..
    I was thinking the same. If I don`t like them for interior cleaning I could use them for house cleaning.

    The people of Einszett who took over ownership of their company and renamed it Nextzett said they were not going to change any formulas except perhaps for the better..
    Since I keep up with interior cleaning now, I can`t judge how well the newer version of Cockpit Premium cleans.

    I want to try the Cockpit Premium in my friend truck since the interior is a little neglected.

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    Re: Looking for interior cleaning

    Quote Originally Posted by Accumulator View Post
    Yeah, when *Jaguar* said they couldn`t fix the Mystery Drain that was a clue. Every guy since has confidently said he`d fix it, but 35 years later nobody has.
    That positive ground system had some goofy glitzes for sure. Even with all the wiring diagrams, to a U.S. brain it just wouldn`t compute.

    I`ve been trying to kinda remember and think where to look...just many years have passed for this old man to recapture what was.

    Good luck...


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    Re: Looking for interior cleaning

    Just a update. I finally finish up getting what I need for the winter cleaning.

    A big thanks to Accumulator.

    Thanks to everyone that answered my questions.
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    Re: Looking for interior cleaning

    carnage- Great, I bet it`ll turn out swell. Hope you get a chance to post back about how it goes, and please don`t hesitate to ask about any Qs that come to mind.

    Yikes, I just now realized that i somehow missed your Post#46! [Crap], sorry about that

    To answer the Qs that I can:

    - I don`t knw about the Gold Class Cleaner. I`ve never been favorably impressed with anything in the Gold Class lineup and/so have never tried it.

    -No, the Cockpit Premium (at least the 1Z version in the Gray bottle andand I bet yours is the same) does not have a limited shelflife as best I can tell. Mine is well over 6 years old (maybe over a decade) and it`s still just like new.

    -The bristles on my Gray/White Cyclo brushes nave not deformed/deflected despite years of use including scrubbing tile floors. IME they wear like iron. OK, ok, you can tell they`re not new, but still..I`m confident you won`t be disappointed with how long they hold up.

    Heh heh, the above is probably too late, but I did feel bad about not responding, especially after going on my Jaguar rant.
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