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    Re: So what`s everyone like for leather care?

    I finally tried Ultima Interior Guard on my leather seats a few weeks ago after seeing numerous posts over the years that they love the feel it leaves behind. I agree and I like it. Its a feeling that is just right. Feels soft but is not slick at all and at the same time not grabby at all. It sounds like it has some very good protection too regarding UV, repelling spills and it is making anti-bacterial claims now. I am going to try it on the interior vinyl/plastic next.

    The products that I have been using:

    DG Leather Shampoo
    DG Leather Conditioner
    Zaino Leather Conditoner
    Pinnacle Leather AIO
    CG Leather AIO (total crap that I have been trying to use up on freebie details for years)
    Megs Qwik Interior Cleaner for occasional wipedown

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    Re: So what`s everyone like for leather care?

    This leather care topic keeps reappearing on a somewhat regular basis
    If you want a thought-provoking discussion and thorough analysis to leather care; please see the thread:

    Stokdgs reply for a leather-care suggestion (this one I highly respect, as he is an Autopian All-star):
    GB detailer
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    Re: So what`s everyone like for leather care?

    My favorite leather care if not my favorite product of 2017 - Car Pro Leather Coating !

    In all disclosure, my primary leather care product is....H20. Just plain water. I`ll use varying degrees of cleaners if NEEDED to remove the dye staining one gets on leather.
    With CPL (in which I had huge reservations about sheen, color shift, feel, etc), I still use H20 but I`ve cut down my need of cleaners by about 95% - and I was using some pretty high alkaline cleaners.


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