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    Weather forecasts

    [rant] Is is just me or is this the worst year EVER for weather forecasting? A few months ago they called for rain almost everyday. While it did rain a lot, on some days it was sunny, they called for rain the day before. Today they said partly cloudy.....IT`S A DOWNPOUR OUTSIDE!!!!! I can`t believe how inaccurate it`s been. Here I try and book people by the forecasts and here it`s raining on a day they said it wouldn`t....the day before. Then it doesn`t rain on a day they said it would so I lose money because I didn`t book somebody. God I wish I had a job where I could screw up that much and still be able to keep it.[/rant]

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    it`s the only job (weatherman) that you can always be wrong and keep your job :nono
    life is short it while you can


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    Originally posted by Poorboy
    it`s the only job (weatherman) that you can always be wrong and keep your job :nono
    :yeah I totally agree.

    I hope the weather man in WA is right now though, the next 7+days are suppossed to be nice.



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