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    Sorry to hear that Jose, that sucks.Take care mate
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    did the police check for prints or anything, whoever is doing it doesnt look like a pro. Looks more like they are just trying to target you. If you can view your car from a window maybe you can aim a webcam out the window and see if they are dumb enough to try again. I feel for you and hope they get those A##h**es


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    The Police doesn`t do nothing. They cannot. All cars from my street has been robbed for the last month. One guy had his cars window broken just to steal the babies chair.

    A couple of days ago, the police mans caught a thief inside a store he was robbing and after taking him to court the judge sent him free after 15 minutes, and the cops had to stay there another half hour explaining why they had pulled a gun against that dog and filling papers.

    With the dear human rights in Europe justice is disappearing. Here, you can kill 100 people or 1000, the most you`ll get is 25 years in jail, and maybe you`ll be out after 7 years of good behavior.

    So what stops them from doing what they want?
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    I can`t believe this crap! And they bent your door panel this time too!
    You ask some good questions. Unfortunately, things are trending in that direction here as well. Someone posted an article here on DC about a guy in Scotland that got prison time stabbing a guy who had broken into his house and had a gun! Some crap doesn`t make any sense.

    Wouldn`t it be great to have the "security system" in James Bond`s car in "Never Say Never Again"?
    Good Luck.
    Don`t cry honey. I wasn`t polishing the car again. I swear! :naughty

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    Man..That does suck. When my car was broken into, the police just asked if the steering column was broken. When I said "No" they said "Well, here`s your claim #. Hope you can get it fixed soon." All over the phone. No check in person, no fingerprinting, nothing. Cr@p!
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    Wow :eek WOW I can`t believe it:nono I would sleep in the car with a big stick if you don`t have a gun actually a :duel would be better suited inyour country.
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