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    How would you decorate?

    I`ve got a buddy expecting his first child. He says its going to be a boy. How would you decorate a room for a boy? I told him to do a car theme and he liked it. Something like checker flag curtains and loads of those Chevron cars around and stuff like that. Any thoughts on what to get a baby like that? I was hoping to find a little stuffed car toy thing or something like that. I know they make microfiber stuffed animals. I wonder if they make cars that way too? Someone needs to make a microfiber stuffed redneck with a Mullet. :headbang

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    My newphew`s room when he was born, was done in winnie the poo. Clouds painted on the walls, poo and friends all around, and cloud drapes. Very cool looking. Now he wants his room to look like the room on the back of the hot wheels track box. Just full of hot wheels track. Now his toy room is cool too.

    I have friend who just their newborns room to resemble Noah`s Ark, with all the animals. All hand painted, by them. Their aother childs room is another theme, all hand painted.

    I would hold off on the car theme for awhile until the child can appreciate it more.

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