So recently decided to pack it all up and move from Knoxville down to Alabama. My folks had already moved down here and I just decided to make a fresh start and follow them down here. Of course I would decide to make my move at the same time the country is shutting down, so finding a job may take a little longer than previously anticipated. I have a few leads I’m following but nothing solid yet. Guess we’ll see what happens when the country gets moving again. Any Autogeek members located near Mobile? Currently living with my folks in Spanish Fort. Would love to do a meet up some time, meet some new faces, do some product swaps, what have you. Also looking for a good place to take my Civic in for service - need somebody honest and affordable. I toured the USS Alabama before it closed, but haven’t been able to do much else yet. Any recommendations would be appreciated once things start opening back up. TIA