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Hah, good ole airdyne, I have one in the basement for days that I absolutely cannot find an hour to hit the gym for a quick 20-30mins of torture. No need to buy new, I grabbed mine off the local classifieds for $50? Gave her a good ole detail and lube the chain up, and it has been smoothe as glass since...
Yeah, used Airs are one of the best fitness bargains out there IMO; they simply don`t wear out (my dad`s from the ?`70s? is still working fine for a friend of mine, though she doesn`t use it the way he did or I do). Wow, only $50! That`s simply great.

Does yours have the "drilled seat post" or the "continuously variable one" with no holes? I have the former, wish I had the latter. Oh, is yours white (like mine) or coppery-metallic like my dad`s (I simply love the latter)? What seat are you using for that long a ride on it? I`ve gone through a *scad* of different seats, finally found one that`s not unbearably uncomfortable.

Heh heh.."a quick 20-30.." and you mean *minutes* I do a quick *90 seconds* for the "working" part of my Airdyne cardio (20 seconds hard as I can, ten seconds rest, three-four of those per workout), and that`ll sometimes leave me literally lying on the floor trying to breathe. Psychologically, I can`t go longer/easier on it lest those Sprint Intervals seem even worse than they already do when I go back to them. That`s just me...I have "not too awful" cardio and "pure torture, "just live through this..."" cardio with zero in-between, and the two are done on different machines. I just can`t "go easy now and then" lest getting back to "not easy" seem harder than it already does. Yeah, that was a challenge when recovering from surgery...

BUT...good on you for doing some more endurance-oriented work on yours! That upper-body involvement it provides benefits the arteries in those bodyparts in ways I`m not achieving

Ya`ll like foam rolling?
Never did anything like that, but I`m not needing it either. My wife, OTOH, does do it along with The Ball stuff and finds it helpful (she`s had *MAJOR* spinal surgery and will always have to go above/beyond to avoid issues). Hey, if it makes your life better then it`s great IMO. With any back issues it pays to not let `em get any worse.