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    Re: Has anyone had any experience/thoughts about Fluid Film ?

    Just go to and there are Tech Bulletins from vehicle manufacturers regarding the required use of the Valugard rust preventative for Federal Recalls and suspension repairs, reapplication for collision repairs, etc under the Engineers area. In the Video area is a film showing and explaining the correct application procedure. The product is produced for Chrysler and Ford under their label and GM just completed approvals for their dealers last week. It and the under coating exceeds ASTM and SAE standards as well.
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    Re: Has anyone had any experience/thoughts about Fluid Film ?

    Honestly as far as DIY rust prevention, there is no magical formula. I have not used it (Fluid Film) as an undercoating per say, but have used it in door crevices and on electrical connectors. Some have had luck with it, some have not. I plan on doing parts of my Tacoma, but unfortunately I cannot touch the frame with it as it was coated with their waxy goop (that`s already falling off/rusting, gonna be a fun battle after winter getting it warrantied) as there`s still 1.5 years left on the warranty extension for the frame. Anyways, I`m a firm believer in getting the underside washed after snow/ice/salt sessions. I know people here cringe at the thought, but the touchless does a decent job. I drove the GTI through all the mess last winter (and it was a nasty one let me tell ya) and followed with undercarriage washes and it`s just about as clean as when I bought it. Some vehicles are just prone to rust no matter what you do (looking at you Toyota and Nissan...) and some hold up extremely well with little to no care. Case in point our `12 Liberty I used for deep snow didn`t hold up well this winter at all. In just one winter (previous years it wasn`t driven much in winter) corrosion has taken hold severely. Rust checking destroyed the front brakes and suspension components took a bad hit.

    There are some undercoating places that use a rubberized or hard coating. Those are to be avoided at all cost honestly. All that stuff does is harbor rust under it. While it looks pretty it is a ticking timebomb underneath.

    I know people who do used Fluid Film do a touch up mid winter and it does keep down corrosion. I`m going to try it this year and see how it goes.
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