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    Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    So my lease was up on the AWD Infiniti Q70S that I loved. When I went to lease the next (I have had 5 previously) the pricing got nutty. Something about the car being in its last year of production and therefore the residual value plummeted and my payment skyrocketed. My payment would have increased about 250 a month ! I checked with several dealers and the all want to sell me one bc the leases programs stink. I lease because at the end of 3 years, its a very used (up) car LOL.

    I even got $ from Infiniti for loyalty but for the first time in a long time I was shopping outside of an Infiniti dealer for myself.

    Ended up getting a BMW.

    The Good:

    Great deal on a great car. Nicest DD I have ever had for less than an Infiniti !
    (I had to order bc of my specs.)

    The bad:

    There are more screens, LCD readouts. clear coated wood and shiny piano black trim in the car than I have ever seen.

    Keeping it fingerprint free, clean and dust free was driving me nuts.
    I vowed not to touch it until I could figure out how to do it without swirling the wood or trim or scratching the screens and gages.
    And so the dust collected, and collected. I did blow it out with the compressor but much of that redeposited elsewhere inside.

    So I learned all the voice commands and I rarely have to touch the screen. Check Problem solved
    Screen still gets dusty over time
    HUD screen on top of dash gets dusty because of gravity
    Black trim get dusty and fingerprinted if you miss the button you are aiming for
    Wood trim is dark enough to show everything dust and finger prints.
    Gauge cluster gets dusty

    So I have the car a few weeks and I have not cleaned or wiped the interior since I got it for fear of scratching. I have been reading the internet and came up with a good solution.

    Credit goes to BIMMER POST forums for this idea that worked like a charm.

    THE SOLUTION FOR DUST EVERYWHWRE IS THE .............................Swiffer !

    So the Swiffer removed the dust from the Gages, screens, HUD glass, dash, wood and piano black trim. Then I use an ultra plush, long pile MF moistened with IGL DASH or ONR and follow with a dry long fiber MF towel and I am getting clean perfection of the surfaces without the swirls.

    So simple, and I already had it and it works amazingly well.
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    Re: Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    If you ever need to clean any residues from the BMW screens, Meguiars Ultimate Quick Interior Detailer will be your best friend. Some BMW owners don`t treat the screens well, and they get hammered. ONR at rinseless strength can cause disaster for some of these screens. Meg`s Ult QID can save them, to some degree. I`d start off your ownership with picking up a bottle at one of the local box stores.

    Also, if you like the Swifer, check out the NorPro 24" Lambs Wool Duster off of Amazon, or an equivalent. I use it to dust the interior and then shake it in the air, outside of the car when I`m done.

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    Re: Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    PPF on the black trim, and a screen saver for the touch screen. All I use is Griot’s interior detailer and a soft microfiber.

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    Re: Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    Congrats on the Bimmer !!!

    Only use Einszett 1-Z=Nextzett Cockpit Premium on all Screens with a very soft, trusted, microfiber and they always look beautiful and do not attract dust..
    For over 10 years..

    Have also had excellent results with Zaino All in One (AIO) Cleaner Polish Protectant on all coated trim, wood, or otherwise.. Cleans it beautifully, polishes it perfectly, takes out some defects, leaves a little Zaino on it for future.. Non dust attracting..
    For over 15 years..
    One bottle of this will last you a lifetime...
    Dan F
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    Re: Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    Mckees Fast Interior Detailer does pretty well on screens. I’ll have to compare Meg’s Interior Detailer.

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    Re: Interior cleaning made surprisingly easier

    For screens and gauges I would go with Ultima Screen Cleaner & Protector.

    Do you need to be switching the Swiffer head often? Maybe the refills is at a good price for you in the US?

    Also Carpro Micro Suede towels is very soft and effective on the sensitive interior parts.



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