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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    This is very sad to read. He always had great input to the forum. I wish I could have met him IRL. God Speed brother!

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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    I didn`t know Ron personally, but I enjoyed his posts, knowledge, and humor both here and on Detail City. I don`t frequent here as often as I used to, but one of the first threads I check is to see how Ron is doing. So today I am saddened to hear of his passing, but he fought hard and now his suffering is over.

    Cancer does not discriminate. It doesn`t care if you`re white or black, rich or poor, or if you drive a Corvette or an old Pinto. I`m sick of cancer touching the lives of so many people I care about, so when fund raising comes up lets do our part in memory of our friends like Ron to finally find a cure. R.I.P.
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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    Sad to here of his passing. He was one of the good guys.
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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    Cancer sucks. Never got a chance to meet him in person, but sure do miss his presence around here. R.I.P.
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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    For the man who convinced me to spend the money. It was money well spent!

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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    Quote Originally Posted by JSFM35X View Post
    I was very sad to hear about Ron`s Passing. Ron was just an awesome person and friend.......

    I met Ron online at the Forums at TID (Truth in Detailing) in the early 2000`s and was paired up with Ron in 2005 at a Poorboy`s detail event in Nyack, NY (First time we met live) when I signed up to learn how to machine polish. I had just leased a black 2005 M35X and was miserable with all the micro marring.

    Ron lent me his flex DA and stood over me showing me the ropes. I ended up getting the whole car done just as we lost the sun that day. Since then Ron and I kept in touch by text and spoke a few times a month. We shared a love of Detailing, food, cars, Real Estate, BMW`s, Vette`s, and family.

    To Steve, and Angelo, Ron told me what a great and local support system you both have been and you should know he really appreciated it.

    I had last spoken to Ron on July 19th and he was in the hospital having a tough time. It was the first time he did not want to talk about "stuff" Cars, the weather, family, health or anything. I told my wife I felt funny about that conversation when I hung up, but I sure didn`t think it was gong to be our last conversation. I will miss him for his sense of humor, outlook on politics, life and family. I will never forget the kindness he showed me some 15 years ago.

    I will miss my friend and wish his Family the strength they need to make sense and deal with Ron`s passing.

    To Ron- Buddy I sure hope your up there looking down on this a seeing how many people`s lives you touched in the most positive of ways ! Now that your free of the pain and exhaustion I know you will be out there wasting more detail products in the SKY!

    I`ll miss you friend and will think of you often.
    Thank you

    Ron is the best friend I ever had, and glad to known him.
    AutopiaForums is the place to be.
    Remember to Shop for your Detailing Needs!

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    Re: Ron... You Will Be MISSED

    Over the past few weeks I have finally finished reading ALL of the messages I exchanged with Ron from day1 on the forum and texted on both of my phones (old and new).

    Ron, I really miss you man.

    I still remember many years ago when a jar of black ice showed up at my door in a box. I had to really convince Paul to tell me who sent it. It was Ron.

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    Brandt K.
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