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    DSLR owners, what lens do you use for car macro shots?

    I have a Canon DSLR I haven`t touched in ages, but I thought it would be much better to use than my camera when I jump back into trying to detail for a job. Some people on here and AG take absolutely insane macro shots of water beading and close up of correction work. I Googled and found some awesome macro lenses but they were all $$$$. I`m hoping maybe someone here might be able to recommend one that doesn`t break the bank.

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    Re: DSLR owners, what lens do you use for car macro shots?

    The mimimum focus distance for most kit lenses is under a foot I think. Should be plenty enoguh for beading. True macro is capturing something at a mangification larger than the image sensor. So you`d get like 3 or 4 beads, not sure if that is what you are after. The key to really crisp shots is a tripod and a timer, you can even use one of the tiny tripods, put it on the hood/roof with some MF in between it and the paint.



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