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I`ll figure something out so that I can do some testing without getting me in trouble with [she whose name I don`t even say]...
Heh heh, we both maybe oughta work on that pronunciation But I do feel a little better when you post that

No surface I can think of that`s prone to rapid degradation, but I`ll come up with something, even if it takes "a little longer" than we would like..
For stuff that doesn`t stain trim, you might try (exterior) rubber window seals.

I believe [OCW not protecting against etching]`s been my experience as well.
Note that I *am* awfully spoiled by that FK1000P. Even the heavily layered KSG that I use on the Tahoe`s sideviews allows bug-splats to etch in ways the FK never would (or at least hasn`t so far).