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    Spring Sealant prep help please.

    In the Fall I used Griots Finishing Sealant on the car. Come this spring I plan on using it again. My question is. I am guessing that by the Spring some or most of the Sealant will be diminished or gone from snow/salt and what not. Should I use a Paint Prep type product to remove what sleant is there before I do anything such as polish or reapply Sealant. Or is it ok to leave the Sealant on and go ahead and polish and use Sealant again? Thnx for any help/comments.

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    Re: Spring Sealant prep help please.

    Polishing ought to remove whatever sealant is still on there. You could try stripping it if you won’t polish it or in actuality, you can probably get by with just adding more sealant. Does the car need to be clayed? Gotta do that first if it does.
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    Re: Spring Sealant prep help please.

    Doesn`t finishing sealant contain abrasives? If that is the case you are good to go as it will remove the remaining degraded layer that is currently on the paint. The typical wash and mechanical decon, with a chemical decon as option will be a good start.
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    Re: Spring Sealant prep help please.

    Paging Mike lambert...who just used Polishing Sealant on two different pads to do a black Honda with fragile paint. Sure *sounded* like it has some mild abrasives so I`d expect it to be fine for a one-step if that`s all that`s required, but Mike would (really) know.



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