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Is there some inherent advantage to an edgeless towel that I am not aware of, other than the lack of edge banding that may not be of the same quality or softness as the towel microfiber band and, hence may scratch a surface that being wiped? HEY, maybe I answered my own question!!!
Heh heh, yeah, you did

The edging is something I expected to matter to me, but now that I`ve used both types I`m a little surprised by how little it really does. Maybe I`m just used to folding them/etc. to deal with the edging, but it`s just not *that* big of a deal to me. Not that I wouldn`t opt for edgeless if given the choice...

And don`t get me started on microfiber quality. If there is one aspect for ANY detailer, hobbyist or pro, that should not be "cheaped", it is microfibers. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it can make in the end result of a detail. It seems pointless to spend an inordinate amount of hours correcting and polishing a surface, and then wiping it with a less-than-quality microfiber and it looks swirled and you end up chasing your tail.
I`ve turned out to be far less of a MF Snob that I expected, and can honestly say that all of my Detailing MFs are (at least) OK. I`m still using some Cobra, YoSteve, and MiracleTowel MFs from the `90s!

I`ve sure never marred things up due to using a substandard MF (exception- the earliest GG MFs, which I sent back after they micromarred the Jag`s lacquer). BUT, I suspect that`s because everything that touches my paint gets CD-tested. Imperfect test all right, but better than nothing.