With a few threads about "whats with green squares" that come up.
I thought that I would give a quick run down for newer members of what things mean here at DC.

(1) Screen name - Yeah I know everyone knows it`s a screen name, but the colors have different meanings.
Blue - Regular members
Purple - Vendors
Orange - DC staff (mods & admins)

(2) Location - sorry couldn`t resist

(3) Rep point indicator - This is an indication of a members rep here on DC. Rep points are given either positive or negative by other DC members.
How do I do this you ask, good question... see (5)

(4) Online status - Shows whether or not a member is currently online.

(5) Rep points - This is how a person gives rep points (positive or negative) to another member. The more rep points you have, the greater effect you will increase (or decrease) another members.
Remember that the other person will know who has given the rep points to them

(6) Report post - Use this to report an inappropriate post (flame wars, spamming, ect... you know what I mean)
This way everyone can help keep DC a fun place to learn and share.

Hopefully this will help some of the newer members enjoy DC a little more.