We have three sections devoted to picture posting on Detail City. I would like the members to consider following these guidelines when deciding where to post pictures.

The Gallery is for members to have a place to keep a collection of their work or pics that help us get to know them better. Right now we have the members galleries rotating on our home page, so please be aware of that when posting. We plan on adding a specific section to the gallery for a "best of" listing of photos which will be what rotates on the home page eventually.

The vBGarage is for pictures of your own vehicle. You can tell us all about it in there and receive comments on your ride. This is a great place to show and tell us about your mobile detailing rig.

We also have a forum set-up for picture posting called "The Detailing Showcase". This forum was designed to supplement the gallery while it was not working. We have decided to keep it as it has proven to be a good place for pictures with stories behind them. Once you get the hang of posting pictures using a third party picture host, this section will be very useful for showing what you did and describing how you did it. Perfect for before and after shots.

Also keep in mind, pictures can be posted in any area of the forums. Pictures are great for illustrating questions and providing proof to your answers.

Need help uploading pics hosted on another site? Check out Jay`s helpfull tutorial on posting pictures.
Picture Posting and Resizing Tutorial