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    Noob thread and/or cooking with gas.

    Ceramic coated my $2 dollar wash bucket
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    Re: Noob thread and/or cooking with gas.

    Without sounding disrespectful or condescending, I gotta ask: WHY would you put $5 worth of ceramic coating on a $2 bucket???
    I can understand the "logic" of applying a coating to a surface to keep it clean or protect it from environmental contaminants, but then maybe you`ve started a new trend in 2-bucket washing AND especially in the rinse bucket that gets REALLY dirty from rinsing out wash media(s) on dirty cars, like the ring of petroleum-based tar and bug cleaners you used first to clean those contaminants off and THEN washed the vehicle or washing out wheel wells that you sprayed down with a de-greaser first and then washed with your dedicated wheel well wash media (you ARE using a dedicated wash media for that, I hope!). We all know those dirty, nasty "rings" left in rinse buckets and how "difficult" they can sometimes be to wash/clean out. (Super Clean, The Purple Stuff, and a scrub mesh-pad works pretty good for me and it is economical to use. Just be ready for chapped hands if you used a lot of it for any length of time, like I do when I clean out correcting/polishing foam pads. Yes, I know; wear latex gloves on your hands).

    Is it for real? Is it a funny, see-what-I-did-with-some-old-ceramic-coating thing? Not sure how to take it. And PLEASE, no pics of the water beading INSIDE the bucket after cleaning & rinsing it out with JUST water from the water-supply pressure of a garden hose spray nozzle stream or how easy the water runs out of the bucket when tipped upside down and there is no water left in the bottom and it is virtually dry for storage.
    Well OK! NOW I understand WHY you coated the inside of a rinse wash bucket (maybe......Ah, the joys of being Captain Obvious!).
    GB detailer
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    Re: Noob thread and/or cooking with gas.

    Stays so much cleaner and easier to wash out now! You have it bad!!!! LOL
    Scott Harle
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    Re: Noob thread and/or cooking with gas.

    @lonnie because the bucket was white….if it was black I would have only put a sealant on it. Like the old saying goes “ if you have lemonade you probably didn’t start with oranges” or something like that.
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