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    Re: 15 vehicles that can run forever.

    My list of cars I`ve owned with over 100,000 miles: None
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    Re: 15 vehicles that can run forever.

    We tend to keep our cars much longer than most in this country. However, I`m confident that no car `runs forever` and any car can be made to appear to `run forever` when enough money is applied.

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    Re: 15 vehicles that can run forever.

    After some of the comments about higher mileage vehicles I did a quick search. The average age of vehicles on US roads today is 11.9 years. If we look at the average annual mileage being about 12K a year, that puts the average mileage on cars to be about 144K!

    My family "fleet" of cars is a bit below the average age, but we seem to travel above the average mileage. My wife`s 30K a year is REALLY over...

    All that said, any car with only basic maintenance and following the recommended service schedule should easily hit 150K miles without any serious financial investment.
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