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    Re: Gotta Love Winter...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishing View Post
    Coleroad- Thought for a moment you got some new power foam canon there.

    Now thats funny

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    Re: Gotta Love Winter...

    And I`ve been complaining that my backyard is still wet with the constant rain all spring. I wouldn`t want to be running the snowblower after having the lawn mower out for a couple weeks now.

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    Re: Gotta Love Winter...

    Quote Originally Posted by Coleroad View Post
    Sitting here thinking. While a bit of a pain, in the grand scheme of things it`s not too big of a deal for people. I feel bad for like the blue birds that already have babies. Kinda hard for them to find any insects to feed them in this stuff. Changes my perspective tremendously.
    That was the BIG problem we had in Northeastern Wisconsin in mid-April of 2018 when we got hit with 25+" of snow. The migratory birds that normally returned for their summer-time residence, like Robins and Red-Wing Blackbirds, could not find their normal foods of insects and seed. Many were found frozen and died or became emaciated. The wildlife sanctuaries were inundated with bird rescues from well meaning bird lovers.

    Funny as it sounds, I ended up swatting house flies that came out of hibernation on the south-side sun-warmed siding of my house and let them fall onto the driveway pavement. I counted about 100 flies that I killed and they were all devoured by sunset!

    Must say, that is A LOT more snow than 3-5" in your photo. Do your fellow Coloradians let the "solar-powered snow shovels" remove the snow or do they actually shovel it? Here in Wisconsin, it is usually the former method mentioned above, as late spring snow falls usually only amount to a 1 or 2 inches. That was until last year. That one collapsed a lot of pole building roofs, like storage sheds and farm animal housing sheds, because it was so wet and heavy, and shut down business for three days (it fell on Saturday-Sunday) and schools on Monday. Hospital emergency rooms were swamped with heart-attack victims from shovelers and snow blower-mangled hands and fingers from the "unintelligent" blower operators. You know it was bad when a large grader with a side wing plow somehow got it stuck in a bank as it was plowing and needed a large front-end loader to drag it out. Yes, I watched it all unfold on the side street as I was shoveling.
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