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    NXT wash & Bugs???

    Yesterday I tried the NXT wash for the first time, great smell and lubricity, but when I was wiping my car dry I noticed a few gnats on my paint. I just blew them off and resumed wiping dry. I didn`t think anything of it because in my experience it seems that insects are attracted to black paint, and a few bugs are always harassing me when I am drying of freshly wash paint. Anyway I left the car out for an hour or so to let the tire dressing set, and when I came back, gnats were all over my car!! They were everywhere, the image of a beehive flashes at me. :wait

    I think maybe it was the smell??

    I figured they weren`t really hurting the paint and I didn`t know how to get them off, so I just pulled into the garage with them still on...

    Has anyone else had this problem??

    This has only happened to me with the NXT wash, I was previously using Pinnacle, and GC. Maybe it`s because of spring? I don`t know just confused here!

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    It`s the smell they use a lime fragrance - same thing happened when I used their Vinyl protectant on my tires - bugs were all over it like I poured honey on em.
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    :LOLOL :LOLOL eggroll I can`t stop laughing----I needed that I had a really bad day LOL....maybe you should have drove your car around the block???..........:car :LOLOL No really it was the smell of the soap.


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    Actually I have not had that problem anymore. :crazy

    So I guess it was just because of spring starting. It was really gross though.

    There was a thread like this on Autopia too, I think it was geekysteve that said that bugs are attracted to a freshly washed car because they can sense the water around the car, and they mistake your shiny paint for water. :nono
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