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    Re: What did you do detailing wise today?

    A few interiors I`ve done over the last week or so. I`m so excited to be doing the coating job on the 2019 Sierra I`m doing on Tuesday even tho it is black.

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    Re: What did you do detailing wise today?

    Some test spots on rear passenger door interior trim.
    Hopefully a coating, but a good sealant will do.
    The dash is where I would want a matte finish, the rest of the trim could be gloss, hopefully darkening.

    Perl straight up, on right.
    Britemax Rubbermax on left.

    Britemax on right.
    GTech C6 Mattedash on left.

    C6 Mattedash on right.
    PA Snowcake on left.

    The Mattedash reacted, streaking the plastic and softer vinyl. I figured out my interior cleaner was leaving a residue.

    I’ll be ordering up some new interior products, until I’ve found what works for me.

    Didn’t like the greasy feel of Perl. (will check in 24hrs)
    Probably not for me.

    Britemax was very easy to spread into crevices. Good solid look, Nice protectant for a freebie. Deserves another try.

    C6 Mattedash was definitely matte, it would work on the dash. I was hoping for some darkening. Another try.

    PA Snowcake just stole the show, like a mixture of Britemax and C6 . Too shiny for dash ?? ( checking in 24hrs)

    Not ready to decide so I tried out the
    RC Blackdiamond window towel

    I do like them, need to use more. PB’s dried too fast to really tell.

    For this vehicle, will probably be searching to upgrade all my interior and exterior products.
    Any input welcome !??

    Will be throwing in a few orders

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    Re: What did you do detailing wise today?

    Another ceramic coating! I’m selling more ceramic jobs without advertising and trying to push a sale vs when I was new I tried telling people all about them.

    Now I just say “It makes the car easier to clean, it’s shiny like there’s glass on the paint, and stuff like sap won’t stick as easy, but hard water from sprinklers will probably still ruin it”


    CarPro Qcuartz 3.0

    The front was wrapped in clear film. Not hard to polish with one step, even the rest of the paint finished out easier than most

    All loaded out to do the job. And yes, I even put a GoPro on my head. I’ve been working on making a YouTube channel because it would be fun to share the process.

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