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    Tips on Clear Bra PPF Install

    Brand new car. Going to just protect the front of the hood, tips of the front fenders and mirrors. Using 3M Scotchguard Pro Film. Precut. A few questions on my mind:

    - Since it`s precut and shouldn`t require much stretching at all, should I just use soap/water slip solution, all-in-one water+soap+alcohol solution, or dual solutions. They guy I bought the kid from said he just uses soap and water. Seems like tack solution is really only necessary when doing like a bumper with all the crevices where you really need to anchor things down?

    - The kit is an edge kit meaning it stops at the edge. I could shift the placement 1/4" or so over the edge of the hood and stretch the sides to wrap around the edge. This is just a Mazda CX-5, not a Ferrari. Wondering if trying to wrap around the edges is just inviting more complication. Not sure if I`d have to slightly trim the triangular fender pieces so the back edge of the film will line up with the hood or if I can just wrap the front edge. I suspect it may need slight trimming but not sure. If I do decide to wrap around edges it seems using a separate tack solution when wrapping around the edge is probably wise or would the all-in-on work fine?

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    Re: Tips on Clear Bra PPF Install

    some amount of stretching may be necessary even though its a pre cut kit. i would go ahead and have a tack solution handy, definitely dont want to stop mid job to mix a bottle up. some cracks and crevices definitely need to be tacked.

    as far as edges... i would lay the film down exactly how the pre cut kit was suppose to be done. once you get the film on the hood.. you`ll see what margins you have to manipulate the film to slide it to the edge if you feel like it has enough material.

    good luck and have everything prepared before you start
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