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    Re: Cleaning a shower

    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    Way ahead of you.t.
    Aha, "great minds..." and all that

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    Re: Cleaning a shower

    I did our shower over a year ago and used a yellow pad and pb propolish2

    The Need to Bead

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    Re: Cleaning a shower

    Yes, I know this post is old ---

    Robot or human?

    If your shower is Clean, and you spray this After you get out, and it`s ok for the water to be on there, it will help keep the shower areas sprayed clean.
    Then, when you take a shower next time, all that spray just rinses off the shower.
    Then, after, you spray it again.
    Keeps the glass and white fiberglass panels,, etc., all clean for years...

    Dan F


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