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    Re: Cleaning a shower

    I have been using Chemicals and a car wash mop on a stick. Works well and doesn`t scratch and saves my back. The car wash mop is dedicated for shower duty only.

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    Re: Cleaning a shower

    I have cleaned fiberglass showers in 2 of my last homes I rented. i googled the subject and found solutions.
    The first was Arm & Hammer no fume oven cleaner. Sprayed it on and let it set for 2 hours and it was removed easily with wet rags.
    Second method was from a cleaning site. Half and half white vinegar and blue Dawn detergent(Dawn is always mentioned for dish soap anymore). Be sure to pour the vinegar into the soap. i sprayed it on the dry scum and wiped it off with a wet rags an hour later and it removed everything easily.
    Both methods left a clean shower but I preferred the Dawn.
    Wipe it down like the others say and you wont need the treatments.
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