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Thread: To go bottle

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    To go bottle

    Iím looking for a spray bottle that I can keep in my trunk for OnR and glass cleaner. The trigger sprayer I use at home donít stay closed. My last car had an cargo net that kept the upright. This new car is lacking mounting points.

    Iíve tried the olive oil pump type non aerosol and they work ok for onr but donít stand up to glass cleaner very well.


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    Re: To go bottle

    The travel spray bottles from Target work pretty well for me, but they are on the small side.
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    Re: To go bottle

    You can use Autopia`s sample bottles. Autopia offers travel size spray bottles containing, glass cleaner, apc, spray waxes/sealants, etc. They are the perfect size. Autopia sells them and offers them for free, sort of, but there are requirements to meet in order to qualify for a free sample. Just placing an order isn`t enough to qualify.

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    Re: To go bottle

    Quote Originally Posted by EXPDetailing View Post
    You can use Autopia`s sample bottles...
    Along those lines, I got some little spray bottles from Griot`s for a nominal cost. They`ve (well, their sprayers) held up better than my generics from [can`t remember], they`ve been in my wife`s car for well over a decade now.

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    Re: To go bottle

    I got the Sonax Trunk Organizer as a freebie when ordering from a domestic detailing webshop. Have not tried it yet but could try it with a couple of different bottles tomorrow and let you know how it works. It has some velcro stripes that attaches to the carpet floor or the side wall or backside of the back seat. Was a lot bigger than I thought just when I had it in my hand. Have some Kwazar 500ml bottles and 1L bottles and the Meguiars generic bottles. It could be an option maybe.

    A kit with 3 Sonax bottles and some mf towels. Could test with Sonax bottles and other brands bottles too. Have Carpro and Gyeon ones.

    / Tony



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