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    Washing Microfiber in 5gal. Bucket...??

    Can you wash microfiber towels in 5gal. bucket with the appropriate detergent?
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    Re: Washing Microfiber in 5gal. Bucket...??

    i don`t but a friend of mine does and it works well for him. he does remove some heavy stains that way. he`ll leave a load in for a day and just stirs it every so often with a pole. just be sure to rinse well.

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    Re: Washing Microfiber in 5gal. Bucket...??

    While doing a job I kept two 5 gallon buckets at the ready. One had an Oxi Clean mixture for pads, the other a MF cleaning mixture for towels. Each went in the respective solution after I used it.

    If I was out of steam at the end of the day (almost always) they could just sit there and keep soaking. The next day I washed the MF towels in the machine and hand washed the many pads used. All ended up considerably cleaner after soaking.

    So no I didn`t wash them in a bucket actually but it was part of the process.



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