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Thread: Forum Quiz

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    Re: Forum Quiz

    <---- best
    Formerly the "Best Detailer", now just Super Wax Waster Man. Not necessarily tactful, but normally right. It`s good to be da King !!!
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    Re: Forum Quiz

    Quote Originally Posted by GearHead_1 View Post
    It`s no Ruh-Roh, I knew that which I typed. Protection is a word used a lot these days. It was "product" for us old enough to remember and one could certainly argue "protection" if your last step happens to be a glaze, finishing wax or detail spray.
    It`s always been stuck in my head as `Product` and shall continue to be. Maybe because it`s less syllables and I`m lazy, er, make that `efficient`.

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    Re: Forum Quiz

    I need to buy a vowel!

    The Need to Bead

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    Re: Forum Quiz

    How many Mopars has 512Detail touched in the last week?
    Learning tips and tricks from fellow board members since 2009
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