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    So I`m starting my first business doing mobile detailing. How are you guys with mobile detailing businesses reclaiming your water? I don`t want to go water-less because it doesn`t work very well on caked up cars. Please share any tips/ advice. Thank you.

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    mobile washing???` need a wash mat and a wet/dry vac...then dump into a holding tank and call the corresponding agency to come collect the water.` Well, this is the correct way to do it anyway...Its funny...I see guys all the time being "ECO-friendly" and then dumping down the toilet in shops, or down the drains inside shops....its still going to the same place as street drains, thats not reclaiming the water, its re-directing so the city cant see you outside washing cars and having water all over the ground!


    At the same time, driving your car produces more pollutants that land on the ground than washing a dirty car (where do you think that dirt came from in the first place) so I really cant see what the big deal is...especially when a lot of the soaps are bio-degradeable!!!

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    During a training course I attended the trainer was stressing the importance of using a wash mat. I asked him what do we do with water that is reclaimed from the mat. His answer was to suck it up in a wet/dry van and dump the water into the landscaping. He informed me this was legal to do.


    The training was in CA.


    Don`t know if that is 100% legal. My suggestion is you contact the officials of the city or cities you plan on doing business in.



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