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    Seeking Help....

    So a friend on a Saleen Mustang Forum was driving his car the other day and the window louver flew off lol. Now he is left with a spot around his quarter window that is nothing but hard glue that he says, "feels like concrete". I recommended possibly CarPro Tar X, but I am not sure exactly how strong of an adhesive remover it is? Is their anything else that any of the AF family can think could help him? Tips, products, etc....Anything would be much appreciated!


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    Re: Seeking Help....

    heat gun?

    i`ll shut up now cuz I aint got a clue
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    Re: Seeking Help....

    Adhesive Remover and A LOT of patience

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    Re: Seeking Help....

    Quote Originally Posted by Trouble View Post
    Adhesive Remover and A LOT of patience
    This! Available at most auto parts stores.

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    Re: Seeking Help....

    Lacquer thinner if your not as patient but be sure to wax the window when your done then treat it with rain x or something



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