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Thread: PDR in Dallas

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    PDR in Dallas

    Does anyone know of a reputable PDR company in the Dallas area? I have a "door ding" that needs some TLC.


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    Talking Re: PDR in Dallas

    Luke`s Dents & Dings
    11008 Iota Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78217
    should be able to give a push in Dallas.

    With Paintless Dent Removal from the experts at USA Dent Guys, Dallas area...

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    Re: PDR in Dallas

    I don`t have my card file with me at the moment. I know a guy who works for a wholesaler. I`ve visited with him and watched him work on several occasions. On those occasions his work has been impeccable. He would be who I would call do do my work. I`ll try let you know something this evening or tomorrow.

    Can you give a description of the problem, the location, vehicle type, age etc.?
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    Re: PDR in Dallas

    Call Dent Masters.

    Ron Harris

    Concours Auto Salon

    Authorized Modesta Paint Coatings Applier.



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