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    My take on NXT cleaning ability

    I have heard from every corner that NXT has cleaners. Some insist that there are abrasives in NXT, others assert that the cleaners in NXT are chemical. Even Mike makes the statement that NXT has "specialized" cleaners.

    What I have to say comes from my personal observations while using NXT

    I have applied NXT as part of a `system,` and separately as a `reseal` or touchup on a finish that had already been cleaned, polished and sealed.

    In both cases, there are times where NXT has shown a definite lack of cleaning ability.

    During a full 3-step (clean/polish/seal) detail, sometimes there are small "dots" of polish that appear when missed residual polish (or polish dust) is gathered by the buffing pad and left on the surface almost like a dot of sap. I had noticed that even with the PC, NXT will not remove this blot, but a quick wipe with a dry cloth or even a cloth with a small amount of polish (even #7) will easily wipe it away.

    When I`m applying a fresh coat of NXT to a car that I have previously (within a few weeks or months) done a complete 3-step, I`ve seen small dots of tar (about as big as this asterisk *) that were missed during the wash, refuse to even budge despite multiple passes of the PC with an NXT dampened pad. Yet when I use a simple polish (or even if I`m applying #16 instead of NXT during a reseal) these `dots` wipe away like they were dust.

    I`m starting to believe that any cleaning (at the level of being seen by the naked eye) that occurs during the use of NXT is strictly a function of the application material, and even then the cleaning properties of the applicator material is diminished a bit by the lubricity of NXT.

    Just to clarify how I apply NXT, I use a polishing pad on the PC at a setting of "4." After applying the NXT to the pad, I work an individual panel until the NXT is an even coating, a clear `haze` that has the "patterns" of the PC application (sometimes I work it until it`s barely visible on the paint). I really doubt that the lack of visible cleaning by NXT is a result of not working the product enough.

    Has anyone else noticed similar occurrences?
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    My only use of NXT has been right after using Poorboy`s PwC and since I was using it as a last step product, I really didn`t pay any attention to the cleaning/non-cleaning capabilities of the NXT.
    The PwC topped with NXT did look very good when finished and is a combination I will no doubt use again.
    On our bright red Pontiac, I did feel that the NXT made the red appear darker. Not necessarily a bad thing, but some people might not like it.


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    For what it`s worth........... I`ve found the NXT to have about the same amount of cleaning ablity as EX......... slight........ but there nonetheless!

    For what it`s worth #2............. that slight cleaning ability is not necessarily a bad thing. An occasional light cleaning of the paint is a good thing. Even the best washing/QD`ing procedures will not get all the dirt and contaminates off/out of the paint. I suspect that the light cleaning that products like NXT and EX have is just the ticket to clean that stuff up.



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