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    Blackfire Leather Conditioner Review

    I used Blackfire Leather Conditioner on my 1999 Land Rover Discovery completely dried out leather seats. Before I purchased this vehicle it sat outside in the Florida sun for about 5 years with nobody caring for it, so I had a couple tasks on the list to restore this truck.

    As you can see the rear seats have been dried out and have several scratches, if these seats were conditioned I wouldn`t have any scratches or cracks.

    Taped the seat off for a 50/50.

    After one coat of Blackfire leather conditioner the difference was outstanding, it`s a little harder to see a difference with lighter colors, but it softened up the leather and gave it a soft flexible feel rather to the ruff, hard, scratchy leather it was before.

    Blackfire Leather Conditioner was easy to apply, I simply applied it with an applicator and wiped it off with a clean microfiber towel. I applied two thin layers of the conditioner since the seats were so bad, and the seats absorbed and it gave it a healthy look as well.

    The front seats are beyond repair, but I still added the leather conditioner to see what it would do.


    I am going to have to get new front leather seats. This just shows what happens to leather when it is not cared for and protected.

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    BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner
    Microfiber towels

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    Re: Blackfire Leather Conditioner Review

    Wow......great results

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    Re: Blackfire Leather Conditioner Review

    Quote Originally Posted by wendell jarvis View Post
    Wow......great results
    Thanks! I was very satisfied with the outcome.

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    Re: Blackfire Leather Conditioner Review

    Nice review. Even that damaged seat looks much better.
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