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    DACP Question...

    I finally got my Dewalt 849 yesterday from price...$159.00) Tried it out today on the wifes black Pathfinder. Don`t faint, I have a little experience with a rotary. She had some minor swirls and light oxidation so I started out with DACP. I removed most of the blemishes but the product kept drying up on me. thought i did everything right but let me know. first i put a little product on my Edge green foam pad, then set the buffer to about 1400 rpms.(still a little nervous),starting working a 2x2 section on the hood keeping the pad flat on the surface. the first 2 sections went fine then i cleaned the pad with the proper tool and the next panel i did the product dried out and i had to keep reapplying the product. thought maybe i cleaned the pad out to much so i primed the pad with a little more product but that did not help. is DACP that hard to work with or is it rookie error? Also the buffer started dragging and catching. was this because the product dried out?

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    You are correct in your assumption about the buffer catching ... with foam pads especially.
    Meguiars recomends using a little Final Inspection to wet the pad or the surface.
    I have done this in the past and it seems to work very well. Start out using a small amount and you can always add more. Water will also work, but the Final Inspection seems to also add some lubricity.
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