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    your favorite pick

    What`s your pick if you had to choose from the following below:
    I`ve used 303 and liked it. However, I`ve noticed that if I apply it to my tonneau cover after the first rain it will streak down the side panels. After a good wash it won`t do it again. I like the matte finish that it gives, but I was wondering if maybe poorboys might be better? I`m looking for something that can be used on rubber/vinyl.

    1. 303

    2. poorboys natural look

    3. poorboys trim restorer

    4. poorboys bold n bright
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    303 is the only one of those you list that I have used.
    It needs to be buffed off after application. The more you buff it the better. It is not a wipe on, wipe off product.


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    I`ve used both the 303, and the Natural Look on my Tonneau cover. I like them both. Haven`t tried the TR or B & B on the Tonneau, and probably won`t. You have to be careful what you use on those covers. Don`t want to use any products with a lot of solvents/PD`s or silicones.

    If you use the 303, or NL, buff it REALLY well to remove ALL (not just some) of the excess, or they will streak.

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    I have all 4 of those products, but I`ve never tried them on a tonneau cover. Based on my experience with using these products on tires and exterior plastic trim, I`d say that Poorboy`s Trim Restorer is the least likely to streak after a rain. 303 streaks the most. All 4 of those products should be buffed with a dry cloth. I normally wait about 15 minutes between application and buffing.

    May I suggest that you use some type of all purpose cleaner to ensure that the surface is clean prior to applying your dressing. I`ve found that some dressings are more tolerant of preceding layers than other.



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